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Cornell’s new Research Administration Support System (RASS) is coming in the spring of 2020. You’ll be notified when you should start using it. Other systems at Cornell are being updated and some are being retired. This means you’ll do some of the common research administration tasks in new ways.

  • The Sponsored Projects Portal will be retired.
  • Data displayed by the RA Dashboard will be frozen.
  • The PI Dashboard will be fully remediated for continued use and integration with RASS.

RASS will be available to meet your needs for research project administration before any systems are retired or frozen.

If your unit is using RASS, do the following tasks in RASS or in the new Research Financials Dashboard available in WebFin2.

Submit Change Requests

Submit change requests directly in RASS. Do not use the Sponsored Portal for this anymore. Change requests may include the following:

  • Budget Revision
  • Change in Committed Effort for Key Personnel
  • Change in Project Activities Affecting Scope
  • Compliances
  • Next Period Funding
  • No Cost Extension
  • Other


To submit a change request in RASS

  1. Open the project. (Use the Search Sponsored Projects page to find the project.)
    Tip: On the Search page, enter the OSP number, award number, or portion of the title in the box at the top. Choose the project to open it. You can always use the complete set of search filters if you don’t know the OSP number, award number, or title.
    example of text entry in OSP# field
  2. At the top of the project page, click Request Award Amendment.Project page with Request Award Amendment button circled.
  3. In Award Amendment Request, select the Award Amendment Type.
    You’ll see different fields for each type of amendment.
  4. Be sure to include enough detail in the Please Explain box. The GCO assigned to the project will use this information to process your request.
  5. Click Save to submit your request.

Tip: Use the Panel Shortcuts to quickly jump to the Award Amendment Requests panel where you can see your request.

Award Amendment Requests circled in Panel Shortcuts list.


Enter Project Deliverable Submitted Dates

You’ll receive an email notification when a project deliverable is due. This is a reminder to make sure the deliverable has been completed and to enter the submitted date in RASS.

  • Entering the date submitted for Project Deliverables is important for keeping the information researchers see about their projects clear and up to date.
  • Projects can’t be closed until the deliverables have been met and entered.
  • Other systems, including the PI Dashboard, keep projects in the active list until all deliverables have been met.
  • You’ll continue to receive reminders about deliverables until you enter the submitted date in RASS.


To enter a deliverable submitted date in RASS

  1. Open the project. (Use the Search Sponsored Projects page to find the project.)
  2. In the Panel Shortcuts at the left, click Deliverables. You’ll see the Deliverables panel in the middle of the screen. All of the current deliverables for the project are listed.
  3. To add a submitted date, click the blue Edit Icon.Project showing Deliverables panel with shortcut circled at left.
  4. Enter the Deliverable Date and other required information, and then click Save.
    You’ll see the date in the Date Submitted column.


Look up Information about a Project

In RASS there are two ways to look up information.

  • Search: simple ways to find and navigate to projects or download information.
  • Ad hoc Reports
    • More fields available on the screen, including dates.
    • See and download list of deliverables on projects
    • See and download list of subawards based on rich search
    • Use if you want to have access to more filters to limit the records in the list you generate for a download.

NOTE: All awarded projects with an end date after June 30, 2013 and any unfunded projects with a proposal sent date after June 30, 2013 are available in RASS. If you’re looking for projects or proposals outside those dates, use the RA Dashboard where all of the historical data is being maintained.


To search for a project, non-financial agreement, or subaward

In RASS, you search for sponsored research projects, non-financial agreements, and subawards on different screens, but the basic process is the same.

  • From the Grants & Contracts menu, choose the search you want, for example Search Sponsored Projects.Three search options highlighted in Grants & Contracts menu.
  • If you just want to see all the items you have access to, scroll down, and then click Search.
  • RASS gives you access to all of the projects in the unit to which you are assigned.
  • In the middle of the screen, you’ll see a list of filters available to control the search.
    • To quickly clear all filters, click Reset Filters (a).
    • In some fields, you can select multiple options.
      • To delete just one item, click the X on that item (b).
      • To clear the whole list, click the X in the field (c).
        Reset Filters button circled at bottom.

To download information for reporting in a CSV file

On any of the Search screens (Sponsored Projects, NFAs, or Subawards) or the Ad hoc Reports screen, you can choose to download information from RASS in a CSV file. Use this file in Excel to work with the data.

  1. If necessary, use the filters and then click Search to see the list of records.
  2. Click Download CSV.
  3. (Optional ) From the Filter View list, select the set of columns you’d like to have available for your download. The available columns vary depending on which search screen you used.
  4. In the Available Columns list, select the columns to include in your download.
    • Click the double arrow to use all available columns. (More than 60 columns!)
    • Click a column name and then the single arrow to move it into or out of the Selected
      In the Selected List, use the Up or Down arrows to change the order.Available columns on left; selected columns on right; download button at bottom.
  5. When you’re ready, click Download.
    A CSV (comma separated value) file is downloaded. You can open this file in Excel.


To save a report so you can use it again (report templates)

You can set up the columns you want in a CSV download so you can use them again. This is called a Report Template.

  1. Choose the columns you want to include in your report template.
  2. Click the green Save icon next to the Report Template box.
  3. Enter a name for your report template, and then click Save. (Use a naming convention that makes sense to you. This makes it easier for you to find the one you want in the future.)
    You’ll see your new saved Report Template in the list.
    If you want to delete a template, select if from the list, and then click the red Delete icon.Save Template button circled.


Current and Pending

Current and pending reports are available in RASS. These are very similar to the reports you’ve used before from the RA Dashboard.

  1. From the Grants & Contracts menu, choose Current & Pending.
  2. Select the Researcher you want, and then select the type of report you want.
    • NIH, NSF, and USDA are formatted to meet the requirements of those sponsors.
    • Cornell Standard is a CSV file with all of the necessary information about the researcher.
  3. Click Print C/P Report.


Initiate a Subaward

When you receive your award distribution notification email, you can initiate any applicable subawards.

  1. Open the project. (Use the Search Sponsored Projects page to find the project.)
    Tip: On the Search page, enter the OSP number, award number, or portion of the title in the box at the top. Choose the project to open it. You can always use the complete set of search filters if you don’t know the OSP number, award number, or title.
    example of text entry in OSP# field
  2. On the project page, in Panel Shortcuts, click Subawards to jump to the Subawards panel.subaward shortcut and panel
  3. Review the listed subawards. If the Stage-Status-Revision column shows “Subaward Agreement,” you can initiate it. Click the blue eye icon for the subaward you want to initiate. (See previous image.)
    The subaward will open.
  4. Review the information for the subaward and complete all required fields. Be sure all of the entered information is up to date as some details may have changed during the negotiation phase.
    When you have finished your review, at the bottom of the Subaward screen, click Initiate.
    This sends a message to OSP that the subaward should be initiated.
    Note: If you see an error message, add any missing information, and then click Initiate again.subaward screen showing initiate button

Tip: You can see the status of the subaward either on the Subaward screen or in the Subawards panel of the prime award.

Monitor and Report Financial Information

To look up financial information about projects, use the new Research Financials dashboard in WebFin2.

This dashboard replicates the project financial information you used to find in the RA Dashboard.


Things to know about the new Research Financials Dashboard in WebFin2

  • In WebFin2 at the left, click Research Financials.Research Financials menu circled at bottom.
  • To see non-financial project information, click the Report View arrow, and then choose Sponsored Project.Sponsored Project link in Report View menu.NOTE: While departments are being migrated to RASS, there will be a period when some people at Cornell are using RASS for non-financial project information and some people are still using the Sponsored Projects Portal.
    During this transition time, if you choose RASS, you’ll see a screen giving you a choice to open the project in RASS or in the Sponsored Portal.
  • Use the RASS link to open the project in RASS.
    Note: If your department is not yet using RASS, you’ll see an error message. Use your browser BACK button to get back and choose the Sponsored Projects Portal.
  • Use the Sponsored Portal link to open the project in the portal.RASS on the left; Portal on the right.